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Transformer cars


Bandai will release a new series of toy cars, sure to be popular with children, on Nov 20. The new lineup, VooV, will feature cars that transform themselves. The 37-centimeter police cruiser, for example, can transform into a 74-centimeter bullet train. Left in mid-transformation, the vehicle provides a racetrack, ramp and gas station for smaller cars.

Price: 8,400 yen.

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Those toys are bloody expensive for what you get.

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And they take up a lot of space. After one or two days the first parts break off. And if it is this big, at least my youngest will try to walk on it.

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The VooV will be pronounced the BooBie. Why insist on using letters they cannot pronounce, like in car names.

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Why insist on using letters they cannot pronounce, like in car names.

Because that makes it sound foreign, and therefore exotic.

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That'll be fun to hear... I told you to stop touching my boobies.

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Toys were such high quality in the early 80's &n 90's. The toys today look like crap !!!! I went to the toy store, the transformers faces and plastic bodies look like crap. What happened to making quality toys ???

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Bandai makes crap stuff. bandai and tomica, every parent`s nightmare.

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Watch out for "lead" paint, especially if they were made in China. Play safe, test it first before entering the market.

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