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Tully's Espresso


Tully’s Coffee has a new product for those who do not have the sweet tooth or just like their coffee with less sugar. The new canned coffee from the company's BARISTA’S CHOICE ESPRESSO series, cuts sugar content by 70% and uses 80% more coffee beans, offering an even stronger, high quality espresso taste.

Despite being slightly costlier than other canned coffee products, Tully’s Coffee has been increasing profits in a rather difficult time for coffee chain shops and distributors, since the company launched the series last November.

Price per 190ml can is 124 yen.

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I really like the tully's coffee chains. So relaxed and peaceful. And the coffee is pretty good. Not like the watered down crap at starbucks :P

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Yes but these taste really, I mean really bad...

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"cuts sugar content by 70%

"these taste really, I mean really bad"

Well, with the sugar cut 70%, I guess so!

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I prefer Tully's coffee, but go to Starbucks instead because it is completely nonsmoking. However, now that everything I eat and breathe has radiation, I suppose I no longer need to avoid second hand smoke.

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Tully's coffee is great, but these canned versions are no better than any other canned coffee--in other words, execrable, really awful. Maybe coffee simply doesn't react well to aluminum??

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Never liked Tully's coffee myself, way too sweet and strange flavours.

They opened a few local branches but many disappeared soon again. Still gotplenty of Starbucks and Excelsior Cafe(which i do like).

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Canned coffee, another ridiculous coffee idea.

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Think the same way about their coffee than Zenny. However, their coconut ice cream is the best I have ever had. They should market that better.

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They need some gimmick to justify the higher price tag. Actually, coffee commodity prices have doubled in the past six months, so manufacturers and distributors worldwide are feeling the pinch. As a result, they are starting to use cheaper beans of the robusta variety, mainly from Vietnam and China.

There's a crisis in the coffee industry, and it's not only due to bad weather in Colombia, it has to do with unsustainable ecological and social policies. Consumers in Japan have very little knowledge of the conditions of how coffee is grown, and how less than 1% of every yen paid in a cafe in Japan goes to the original farmers.

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Just what the market needs - another canned coffee. Personally when i occasionmally drink canned coffee I go for Boss - love the pipe smoking silhouette......

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I've been in Japan for so long now that when I go overseas and cannot find canned coffees or teas in the vending machines (or can't find vending machines!) I go into a semi-withdrawl. Though whenever I tell people overseas about canned coffee they think it is a dumb idea. And yet, when I send canned coffee to those naysayers, they are shocked at how much they like it and some have even become converts. I have a few videos I have made showcasing the benefits of the vending machines with coffee that can be purchased hot or cold.

Having said that, though, what baffles me is that although canned tea tastes like tea, and the different varieties, canned coffee, no matter what the brand always seems to have this same... strange... taste to it that I do not particularly like. I can't figure out why they cannot get rid of that unusual taste, and also why all makers seem to have that taste.

Have you noticed that Starbucks Viva instant coffee is actually pretty good as far as instant coffees go? I'm rather impressed.

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These products aren't actually made by Tully's Coffee. They are made by Ito-en, who license the use of the Tully's name. So you can't really expect it to taste like Tully's coffee in stores.

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