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Turn a glass of beer into an exquisite Mt Fuji scene with this Awakumo glass

By Kay, SoraNews24

This unique Awakumo glass will let you recreate your very own view of Mt Fuji in miniature while enjoying a frothy glass of beer.

That’s right, metal accessory manufacturer Nagae’s interior product brand Ginga-do has just released a delightful beer glass with a Mt Fuji theme that will not only let you enjoy a nice drink (or two, or three) but is sure to entertain you visually as well.

The aptly named Awakumo (literally, “bubble cloud“) glass is ingeniously designed with a small Mt Fuji protruding from the rim, so that when you pour beer into it, the beer froth makes it look like you’re getting a view of Mt Fuji peaking above a sea of clouds. The glass holds 180 milliliters so you should be able to enjoy two or three views of Mt Fuji rising from the clouds while pouring a regular 350-milliliter can of beer.

▼ A beautiful sight, and you can create it just by pouring a glass of beer.


The Awakumo is described as a beer glass, but you can also pour a clear drink like sake into it to enjoy a “reverse Mt Fuji” reflection in the drink as well.

▼ You get two beautiful views with one glass! How’s that for a great deal?


What makes this glass even more attractive is the fact it’s made of tin, using traditional techniques local to the city of Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture, an area with a history of excellence in metal crafts, and also where the manufacturer Nagae is based.

There are apparently several advantages to creating a glass from tin. The metal is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and it also has excellent thermal conductivity, which means that if you cool the glass in the refrigerator, you’ll be able to enjoy a cold drink instantly. Tin is also thought to make the drink taste more smooth and mellow due to the effect of its high negative ion content.

In addition, the Asakumo glass is made with a technique that creates very small bumps on the surface, so that plenty of froth is produced when the beer is poured.

▼ The glass seems to be a size that fits nicely in your hand.


The Awakumo glass is priced at 5,500 yen and is available for overseas shipping from Ginga-do’s Global Rakuten site, so do check it out if you think it might be fun to enjoy a nice view of Mt Fuji and a tasty drink at the same time. Who knows, the image of Mt Fuji, Japan’s lucky mountain, might bring you some good fortune.

Source, images: @Press 

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What genius thought this up?

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I want one of these glasses sounds great.

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Not needed. Every glass of beer in Japan automatically comes with enough foam to make your own life sized Mt Fuji.

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