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TVs with built-in Blu-ray disc recorders


Sharp Corp will introduce into the Japanese market eight models in the DX Series of LED AQUOS LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray disc recorders (52V-, 46V-, 40V-, and 32V-inch screen sizes).

These models, which represent the third in the series of Blu-ray equipped AQUOS LCD TVs, feature next-generation LCD panels that employ Sharp’s proprietary UV2A photo-alignment technology and LED backlight system that enables precise control of light output to deliver superb image quality with a cinema contrast of 5,000,000:1. In addition, these models offer high energy efficiency that results in the industry’s lowest level of energy consumption, with annual power consumption 30% lower than previous models.

Further, in addition to the convenience expected from the “all-in-one” integrated design, including simple and easy recording to Blu-ray disc and playback of Blu-ray disc and DVD titles, these models feature even more sophisticated recording functions, such as an extended recording time of up to 36 hours of full-HD video programming on a single Blu-ray disc.

Price is open.

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The great thing about buying a TV with a built-in player is that if the player goes you just throw the whole thing in the trash, TV and all. Same if the TV goes you just junk the working DVD player too.

That was called sarcasm. You buy these things separate so that you can replace what is broken or upgrade far cheaper. Word to the wise.

Also, when the player is built-in the set often has a lack of input jacks. That means you can't connect anything else to it either, such as your game machines or your cable box, or, you can connect them but only in low definition. Built-in sounds like a great idea at first but in the end its horrible.

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@mistwizard: I agree, how convenient is it really if you have to send in the whole 56inch to get the BR player fixed? LOL then you could be stuck with not having a TV to watch till everything is fixed. I mean is it really that inconvenient to have a small extra machine under the TV? "Further, in addition to the convenience expected from the “all-in-one” integrated design, including simple and easy.." LOL more like a possible all-in-one problem to me.

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i have this TV, it take 5 minutes flat to play a blueray disk

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"Price is open"

I'll bet it's like 10 times the price I paid for my old 25" analog TV and VHS recorder which still work great!

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jj1980, yeah you said it. All-in-one-problem! Nice one! Technophobes just need to ask for some help, not buy something like this.

The_True said: i have this TV, it take 5 minutes flat to play a blueray disk

You mean 5 minutes just to start to play? Yeouch!

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"You mean 5 minutes just to start to play? Yeouch!"

Heck, my old analog 25" TV has a picture within 15 seconds of turning it on, and my old VHS deck starts playing/recording within 5 seconds after pushing the button!

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That's a bit much. I'll stick to my regular flat screen tv with ps3 thanks.

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