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Two-in-one reading glasses


Major eye glasses maker JINS is releasing two new types of glasses, “JINS Switch READING” and “JINS READING Compact.”

JINS Switch READING is a two-in-one eyewear that can be switched between prescription glasses and reading glasses, by detaching the frames held together by a magnet. 

JINS has already released eyewear that is interchangeable between medical glasses and sunglasses, and this new model is the latest in their Switch series glasses. 

Although reading glasses may have the image of being old-fashioned and dull, JINS created a variety of designs including Square, Oval, Wellington, and Boston, to match each customer’s stylistic needs. 

JINS READING Compact are reading glasses that can be folded in two and use special lightweight material for the frame. 

JINS Switch READING costs 10,000 yen (frame+lens included), while JINS READING Compact is 5,000 yen.

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Why not use bifocals instead of having to spend time disassembling and reassembling the frame constantly?

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I have these nice ones from Costco that flip up for reading, much easier than these. A little fragile but worth it.

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