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Uji Matcha chocolate-covered potato chips

By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24

We all understand that chocolate and potato chips go together like peaches and cream by now, right? Whether using crunched up potato chips as a chocolate coating or drizzling chocolate sauce on your fries, Japanese food companies are no stranger to the decadent combo of salty and sweet.

But innovation never slumbers. How can we improve upon this already delicious flavor combo?

Japanese snack maker Bourbon might just have the answer. They are now offering Jaga Choco Grande Uji Matcha, a beautiful marriage of matcha, chocolate, and potato chips.

Bourbon already sells pots of tasty, milk-chocolate coated potato chips called Jaga Choco, beloved across the nation for their more simplicity.

However, for the Jaga Choco Grande Uji Matcha, each chip is said to be coated in one point five times more chocolate than the standard Jaga Choco, meaning you’ll get a luxurious dose of matcha flavor with every bite. This is a marked step up from previous matcha-choco-tater combinations we’ve seen, such as Calbee’s matcha-drizzled offering.

This isn’t just common-or-garden matcha, either! Uji Matcha is so named because it’s sourced from Kyoto’s Uji City, the capital of Japanese green tea. Only tea grown in Uji qualifies to be called Uji Matcha, so these are truly some premium potato chips!

The potato chips are available at most convenience and grocery stores across Japan after release for a retail price of 180 yen, so grab yourself a cupful for your next snack run!

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How can we improve upon this already delicious flavor combo?

This is not a delicious flavor combo.

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you couldn't pay me...

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Chocolate and potato do not go together, in fact it’s a disgusting combination.

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