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Ultra-long coreless toilet paper rolls cut waste and reduce carbon footprint

By grape Japan

Japanese paper manufacturing company Marutomi Seishi Co Ltd has launched Penguin Coreless Ultra-Long MAX Pulp Sextuple Length 300-meter Single-Ply 2 Roll packages of toilet paper. The rolls are the longest in their Penguin Coreless Ultra-Long series, and according to their research, among the longest toilet rolls currently on the market in Japan.

Just two rolls are equivalent to a pack of standard toilet paper (12 rolls), which greatly reduces the frequency of replacing and purchasing rolls and makes it an ideal product for disaster relief and stockpiling.

Incredible 300-meter roll (English translations are added by grape Japan)

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The Ultra-Long MAX Sextuple-Length Roll is 300 meters long, six times longer than the standard 50-meter single-ply roll of toilet paper. That's the equivalent to over three times the height of the Statue of Liberty! Having a toilet paper roll of such length means you don't have the replace your toilet paper so frequently, which saves you time and effort.

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Marutomi Seishi's manufacturing method, now pending patent approval (number 2020-27186), has made it possible to achieve this length. (On the other hand, with a diameter of 125 mm, it may not fit in some household toilet roll holders.)


Just two rolls of Ultra-Long MAX Sextuple-Length Roll are equivalent to a pack of 12 rolls of regular length toilet paper.

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If you used to stock 24 rolls of toilet paper (2 packs of 12 rolls) of standard paper, now you only need four rolls (2 packs of 2 rolls), which makes your bathroom shelf look neat and tidy, or opens up more space to store other supplies.

Useful in emergencies and for stockpiling supplies

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) recommends that households stockpile a month's worth of toilet paper in case of emergency, and according to the Japan Household Paper Manufacturers Association, a family of four consumes about 16 rolls per month.

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Three rolls of Ultra-Long MAX Sextuple-Length Roll are equivalent to 16 rolls of regular length toilet paper, making it perfect for stockpiling for emergencies. They can also be stored compactly in an emergency backpack.

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Reducing waste and carbon footprint

Not only does Ultra-Long MAX Sextuple-Length Roll use less wrapping material than standard toilet paper packages, but the rolls have no core, thus reducing waste as well as housework burden. Moreover, the paper is scent-free but treated with a deodorant.

In addition, the length of paper that can be transported in a single trip by a large truck is equivalent to about three times that of a normal toilet roll product. To transport the same amount, trucks can make three times fewer trips.

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This will also help reduce CO2 emissions, thereby reducing the burden on the environment and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

Elegant leaf pattern silhouette

The rolls are decorated with a natural leaf pattern in a watermark style, using a special printing process for which a patent is pending (number: 2020-74034).

Photo: PR Times

Retail locations: Drugstores and supermarkets nationwide

Online sales: RakutenYahoo

New product information on Marutomi Seishi's official website

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Key words - single ply.

Unless you're going to fold them twice as much, single ply is for people who like to live dangerously

6 ( +6 / -0 )

We've been buying non-core loo rolls for years. They're the same diameter as rolls with cores, so I don't imagine they're that much longer (though of course a roll of single-ply is twice the length of a roll of double ply.)

These new extra-long rolls may be handy for emergency supplies, but if they're too big to fit in an ordinary loo roll holder, they're not very convenient for everyday use.

Loo roll cores don't have to be wasted; they make fine biodegradable, plant-as-is pots for home-sown seeds.

I did all my tomatoes and goya seedlings in loo roll cores this year, so far they're looking pretty good. (We get ordinary loo rolls from the newspaper recycling van).

6 ( +6 / -0 )

No need to use paper in Japan.

My seat has a wash and dry function- hygienic and Covid safe!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I run with 1 years supply of TP. This was easier to shop the sales, except for now there are none. There are still spot shortages every time some newscaster wants to scare the public. But having reserves goes back to my grand parents and the Great Depression. So I grew up with a pantry full of food and paper products purchased from the weekly sales ads from 3 different grocery stores. Simpler times...

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