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USB-powered heated gloves


Thanko's USB-powered heated office gloves are pretty straightforward: if you’ve got a USB power source, you can keep your fingers warm. Good for typing, smartphone use, and of particular indication for those with poor circulation in the extremities - for whatever or whenever one can imagine needing warm, non-numbed-by-cold fingers.

This year’s version comes equipped with a timer, a stretchy-contracty one-size-fits-all and easy-on/off construction, and connector plugs near the gloves themselves to minimize cord tangle.

While they’ll surely find fans anywhere on the planet (beyond certain latitudes and/or elevations, that is), heated office gloves are particularly welcome here in Japan. Even in large corporate buildings, central heating is at best a 50/50 likelihood, and virtually nonexistent in smaller companies. This is also the norm in most homes - it’s just how they roll over here. As such, convenient hand warmers that plug into one’s desk/laptop or a USB battery pack can go a long way toward comfortable winter office work - or wherever you’d want to use them, really.

Specs: Dimensions: 110w × 20h × 200d (mm) - with plenty of stretchy Weight: 175g Cable Length: 144cm Warranty: 6 months Price: ¥2,580

Source: AkihabaraNews

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I could use that when I operate the snow thrower outside when it is in minus double digit range, rather than those single use pouch.

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I wonder how quickly they'd drain the battery?

Better to use a simple USB power supply, and leave the computer alone.

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Well, I suppose they would work at home; but where I work, the IT folks would shut down my computer 15 seconds after I plugged it in. How to meet people you have only heard about....

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