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USB warming bento box pouch

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"Bento" is now a common word around the world, so many of you might know that bento box means a Japanese-style lunch box. Wouldn't it make you happy if you can eat a warm homemade lunch anytime you want without using a microwave oven?

Thanko's Bento Box Pouch has USB-powered heaters build-in inside at the top and the bottom to keep your lunch warm by feeding power via a PC or mobile battery. Thanko is a wonderful company.

As editor Reno says: "Asking why Thanko does what it does is practically anathema to their entire business model. Which is not to say that the company doesn’t create some truly innovative and useful products, but, objectively speaking, their lineup also reveals a thoroughly practiced and adhered-to ethos somewhere along the lines of: 'Because we can.'”

In truth, we’re jealous. Independent tech journalism pales to just like, you know, sitting around all day at Thanko headquarters dreaming up ways to shoehorn an HD camera into something USB-powered. Seriously, that has to be one of the best jobs on planet earth.

Turn on the Heat

You can choose to turn on either or both of the built-in heaters. When you use either of them, the bento box gets warmed up to 50 degrees celsius. Using both of the 2 heaters, the bento box gets warmed up to 80 degrees celsius.

Pouch: 240×130×105mm, 162g Bento box: 215×105×95mm, 186g

Source: AkihabaraNews

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1 Comment
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