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Wagashi store releases birthstone-inspired traditional Japanese sweet box

By grape Japan

Wagashi is a term which refers to all different types of traditional Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets are famous not just for their flavor, as they’re also known for being beautifully presented.

We recently introduced a type of sweet which has been gaining popularity thanks to its magical appearance. It’s called kohakuto, which could be literally translated as ‘amber sugar’. It is made from Agar Agar (kanten in Japanese) and is chewy inside with a crunchy outside. As it has drew some attention overseas, it has been called ‘crystal candy’ or ‘candy gems’ in English, because of the resemblance to precious stones and jewels.

If you want to sample these attractive snacks, there’s a kohakuto specialist store which has just opened in Osaka.

The shop is called Kohakuto Okada, and they have all kinds of colors, shapes and flavors on offer, to build up your own pile of delicious gems.

One special set they have on offer is even inspired by monthly birthstones. The box can be bought in various sizes from one to twelve pieces. Of course, if you want every birthstone you’ll have to go for the twelve one, which is priced at 3,280 yen.

Each "stone" has a different flavor.


January - Garnet (strawberry)

February - Amethyst (blueberry)

March - Aquamarine (lime)

April - Diamond (muscat)

May - Emerald (melon)

June - Pearl (milk)

July - Ruby (peach)

August - Peridot (matcha)

September - Sapphire (grape)

October - Opal (lemon)

November - Topaz (milk tea)

December - Turquoise (mint)

The store can be found in the basement 1 level of Hankyu department store in Umeda, Osaka.

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The art of sweets . . . bijyutsu!

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I love wagashi! I think making them look like gemstones is cool. That would make for a great gift idea.

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You won’t love the price though!

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