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Asics has designed a new shoe that takes into account the ways we move when walking. These trainers have a unique build to ensure there is minimal drag on your feet when on the move. Available for both men and woman. 8,295 yen.

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there are many good stylish pieces of footwear out there. A good pair of well made leather brogues are very confortable and much better for your feet than plastic moulded crap. As for 'fashion' shoes, if you mean high-heels, the less said the better.

Good point Sourpuss! And the list goes on; Birkenstock, Trippen, Rocket Dog...

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They have: GEOX, Rockport, Clarks, Ecco...

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Shoes that are good for your feet (like those MBT things) are always an eyesore. Fashion shoes are bad for your feet.

Why are the 2 mutually exclusive? When will someone design a shoe that looks good, and is good for you to walk in?

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alladin, exactly - well said!

But let's remember that in Japan it seems to be the norm to drag one's feet when walking, or at least making the act of walking look like the most extreme effort.

And as I expected - another nasty cheap looking piece of footwear has hit the shelves. Minimal drag, minimal style & elegance.

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How can a shoe ensure that there is a minimal drag on peoples feet??? I think it is just a marketing pitch to get foolish buyers to buy this shoes without thinking about how this shoe is just as normal as the rest.

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