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Fancy yourself an ace private eye? You will with two accessories from wacky gadget maker, Thanko. Looking like something fresh from Q’s laboratory, these video cameras are disguised as everyday accessories: a pen and an analog watch. The pen sits in the breast pocket of your suit or shirt and stealthily shoots up to 30 hours of AVI video (though the battery needs to be recharged after 70 minutes of recording).

The watch — Thanko’s top-selling product on its online shop — is an analog timepiece with a black or brown faux-leather band that manages to conceal a tiny pinhole video camera and 4GB inside. Both can be recharged simply by plugging into the USB port of a Windows PC to download your spy-cam movies. (Metropolis)

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Fancy yourself an ace private eye?

mmmm, I reckon these kind of stealthy video cameras will be used not so much for private eyes, more for eyeing privates.

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shouganaika, I think you're right. LOL!

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Japan is the perfect market with all those pervert in trains ...

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Shouganaika, that was my first thought too. Sounds kind of cool though.

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