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Watch time fly with realistic giant Japanese flying squirrel and eagle owl clocks

By grape Japan

Japanese bookstore and miscellaneous oddity goods retailer Village Vanguard continues to pad their online store's catalog of hyper realistic animal-themed goods with all sorts of eccentric but practical items. Apparently not satisfied with cat head mobile chargersgiant squid neck pillows, and doggo head cushions, Village Vanguard has decided to take to the skies with some creative animal timepieces.

They're now letting animal lovers pass the time with realistic Japanese giant flying squirrel and eagle owl wall clocks.

Both have a battery pack on their backside and are said to have eyes that slightly glow in the dark.

The flying squirrel and eagle owl wall clocks are available from Village Vanguard's online store for 5,280 yen, but can also be had on Amazon was well (owlflying squirrel).

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An aunt of mine in Kentucky would love one of those owl clocks.

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Both have a battery pack on their backside and are said to have eyes that slightly glow in the dark.

Brilliant - they've thought of everything.

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If I built a shrine to bad taste... It would have one of these in it!

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Just what this pandemic calls for-animal clocks?!?!

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The should have used a different colour for the clock hands--you need something that stands out against the background

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