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There was a time when ghosts would be considerate enough to announce their presence by rattling chains, leaving trails of ectoplasm or crawling out of your TV set and making you scream yourself to death. If the spooks in your life are just too damn subtle, though, get yourself a Baketan 2 Ghost Radar.

This teardrop-shaped device, adorned with Japanese calligraphy, can be attached to your mobile phone and whipped out whenever you sense a supernatural presence. Press the button, and if the light flashes three times, you’re safe. If you’ve got company, it’ll turn red and emit a little electronic yelp — just in case you didn’t feel scared enough already. (Metropolis)

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An excellent explanation, TJrandom. =)

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Doesn't anyone know anything here? It simply counts footsteps - those which can be counted are human - those who leave no audible footsteps are ghosts. Sneak up on it and you be a ghost.

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How Sensitive is this sensor? Can it sense Gaijin ghosts too, or is it limited only to Japanese spirits (as commonly seen on the Japanese written disclaimer)? And what is its level of specificity? Doesn't it get mixed up and start the alarm when un-dead Gaijin are around? :-))))

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what a load of codswallop

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EETimes should feature a teardown (analysis of the internal electronics) of this device.

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