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Image: Kyodo News PR Newswire
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Why you should add Onishi Shake Mousse to your emergency kit


If you’ve just moved to Japan, you might still be getting used to the frequency of earthquakes. Annually, there are about 1,500 earthquakes due to the four converging tectonic plates the country is on top of. Thankfully, there are ways that Japan has adapted to these reoccurring quakes. Buildings are built to sway, there are tension poles to keep furniture in place and centers that teach about what to do in an emergency. To stay prepared, it’s recommended to have an emergency kit containing enough food, water and other necessities to last at least five days. 

Primary caregivers should consider adding the soon-to-be Onishi Shake Mousse to their emergency kit. This mousse can be made by just adding water and shaking it. It’s houjicha (roasted green tea) flavored and high in calories and protein. The mousse was specifically developed for those who need nursing care during emergencies with a shelf life of up to five years and six months. 

The mousse will go on sale for approximately ¥590 from June 12.

Source: Kyodo News PR Newswire

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Good tip! Thanks!

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Good idea. It keeps for a long time and tastes great.

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