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Wireless MIDI music keyboard


SoftBank will release a wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24 manufactured by an American startup, Miselu, in January.

SoftBank has exclusively started selling the keyboard, C.24, (500 units only) in japan.

C.24 has a realistic keyboard feel and look. To use C.24, you should install the dedicated free application "Miselu KEY" to an iPad or iPhone. iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite includes MIDI over Bluetooth LE as standard, so you don't need to install the application in that case.

When not in use, it's 9.9mm-thick and even becomes an iPad case. When you want to use it, the keyboard part is popped up by pressing a button and becomes 28.5mm-thick. Touching the LED sensor at the side allows you to adjust among 9 octaves.

Size: 242×185.7×9.9mm Weight: 552g Price: ¥24,000

Source: AkihabaraNews

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Strange item. It's being "released" by Softbank, which is a carrier, not a retailer or a manufacturer, and it only supports Apple products, thereby unusable to a majority of consumers.

Whats more, you can get a really good midi controllers with way more features for less than half the price.

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There are good and smaller MIDI controllers for a quarter of the price, as JeffLee points out. Unless there are some special features not mentioned in the ad above, this is going to be a hard sell for Softbank.

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