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Here is a wireless mouse that is not confined to the desk, with enhanced functions such as smooth navigation of pages to assist the user while making presentations.

Price: 12,800 yen. Currently sold online only at the Sanwa Direct website (direct.sanwa.co.jp).

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I checked it out on their website.

It specializes in presentations not daily use. It has each up, down, left and right scroll buttons and center button. If specific software is installed the mouse is used as a laser pointer.

It will be useful just for making presentations. I don't buy it personally.

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Cool. But I can`t afford it. I am working on this time machine idea at present. Something I read outta H.G. Wells. Need to focus my funds on this project at present. Still the mouse is tempting.

I checked my mouse thoroughly. It has no wires too and likes to eat seeds.

He says he was in the mooooovie Green Mile.

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minello7--just about any major electronics store. The caveat being that you have to sign a two-year contract for wireless internet service.

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PepinGalarga A wireless mouse for 100 yen? Show me where and I'll get one...

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also, try dropping a zero off that extortionate price, if you want anyone to actually buy it

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What a unique, traditional Japanese product. By the way, check out Logitech's MX Air.

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If it doesnt have a laser pointer then this can be replaced by a 1000Y wireless mouse, or even one from the 100 yen stores.

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they could have put some effort into the design...it's not even ergonomic

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sk4ek,,were can I get that brand new netbook for 12,800 yen,I want to buy one.

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Gee I can get a brand-new netbook for that price.

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looks cool, wireless mice have always been so disappointing in the past

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