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Wonda ice latte


Asahi Soft Drinks has released its new Wonda ice latte with 90% less caffeine and 37% less sugar. 115 yen for a 190-gram can.

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the whole point of coffee is bitter taste and caffeine kick. rest is all garbage!

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I totally agree with this. What's the point of drinking coffee without the caffeine kick. Less sugar is good though.

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First two posters stole my thunder. You drink coffee because it has caffine in it otherwise have hot water. Likewise, why would someone by a six pack of zero alcohol beer?

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It's a wonda anyone would drink this.

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Less caffeine might come in handy for the truck drivers and salarymen spending some quality lunch time in their cars, by the side of the road, engine running, blinkers on, enjoying a (few) cigarette(s). It will be easier to take a nap in said cars/trucks if there is less caffeine poisoning this fine kind of beverage.

Mmm, I want one right nooow...

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This would be perfect for people liking the coffee taste but without the caffeine. Personally I try to have as little caffeine as possible but that also means I don't get to drink much coffee (not missing out too much there though, I prefer tea :))

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I drink caffeine free coffee so I think I'd like this... I like the coffee that comes from the vending machines, hot or cold.

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