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Working remotely? Try this compact laptop stand


With hybrid and remote work here to stay, creating an adequate workspace at home becomes all the more important. While a good ergonomic chair might be the obvious solution, it also pays to switch it up occasionally. 

If you’re running on limited desk space and don’t have enough to invest in a fancy standing desk, consider the King Jim Compact Laptop Stand. Compatible with laptops from 11 to 17 inches, it elevates your line of sight and reduces back strain with a maximum extendable height of up to 40 cm. The stand can also be adjusted up to 180 degrees. Made of aluminum, this stand is built for stability and support you won’t have to worry about it moving around as you type out your emails. 

Added features include its silicone pad to prevent scratches on your laptop and its ease of assembly. Whether you use it alongside a monitor, a keyboard or as a tablet stand it’s an inexpensive, space-saving addition to your growing home office setup. 

Prices start at ¥8,500.

Source: King Jim

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My hands would be tired with no support

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I agree with Mohan. Without the support of a flat object underneath to rest your hands and forearms on, it gets really tiring.

I have a standup desk and have a place to put my forearms and elbows on so it's really comfortable and can work on my comp for a long time.

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