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Yamaha gives us a glimpse into the future of transport with two new mobility vehicles

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Yamaha Motor Co Ltd recently unveiled two new concept models – 05GEN and 06GEN – based around the fundamental design philosophy of “Refined Dynamism”. As opposed to designing for speed and mileage, the new mobility vehicles prioritise a sense of leisurely movement, connecting people and places as part of an “island development” program run by architect Toyo Ito on Omishima in Ehime Prefecture.

The 05GEN is a three-wheel mobility vehicle that runs with electric assist technology. Designed to resemble a garment lightly draped around the rider’s body, the overhead visor can be folded down when it’s not being used, to protect the vehicle from rain.

The 06GEN (photo below) is an electric four-wheel mobility vehicle that blends the inside space with its surroundings. The 06GEN model has been designed to blend inner and outer spaces to enhance interaction with the surrounding environment. The soft curves and boat-like design create an open, veranda-like space that relaxes passengers as they’re carried from place to place.

The two new concept models will be on display at the renewal opening of the Imabari Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture in Omishima, where they can be viewed at a private meeting on July 2 and a special talk event on July 3. Following these events, the 05GEN will be kept on display inside the museum.

Source: Yamaha

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The 05GEN while stylish.. invokes the thought "IN HARMS WAY" for pedestrians, and other vehicles sharing space in urban suburban Japan, the Samsung smartbike however.. rocks

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06GEN: Looks like a party golf cart. -But where do you put all the golf clubs?

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The 06Gen looks like something from the 1950s... I love it!

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They look good, but honestly... I don't think they're practical...

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