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Adding to its successful line of DoCoMo and Softbank ringtones that are only audible to your cat or dog, Dwango recently unveiled one that you’ll definitely be able to hear. Unlike the super-high-frequency waves of the pet-focused rings, which measure in the neighborhood of 19,000Hz, the new downloadable track is down around 6,000Hz — and can be heard by humans at a distance of a few football fields. Perfect for when you just can’t miss that call.

Dwango also makes the world’s longest ringtone (61 minutes, 40 seconds) and is now going for another record for the shortest (0.9 seconds).

All of these ringtones are available by pointing your cell phone’s browser to http://dwango.jp and subscribing to the service for 315 yen per month. (Metropolis)

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How am I ever going to get any sleep in the trains with those new ringtones going off a few football fields away and for an hour or so?

Or, is this just going to be another great way for me to relocate my danged keitai?

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If I hear this from my neighbors...

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Can some one tell me the benefits of this technological break thru?

Seriously, if you want a long ringtone, just copy an opera CD to your phone. Oh, I forgot, that is against the rules.

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sounds like a good deal to get a couple of ringtones for only 315 yen per month </sarcasm off>

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Some humans can hear 19,000 Hz. I've known at least one person who tested at that level. (She even complained about the carrier signal broadcast over the TV, which is pretty incredible.) Cats can probably hear past 60,000 Hz. Considering that the world is one giant generator of noise, I've always wondered how they manage to screen it out and sleep all day.

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How about one to call Godzilla? Or Mothra?

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I'm one of those people who can hear the pet rings and dog whistles and stuff like that. But I have hearing gaps in the so-called "human" range, so I am blessed on one end, but it goes with its own curse. But I seriously doubt that the 6000 Hz signal can be "heard by everyone" since the vast majority of hearing problems and hearing losses by humans is in the 3000 Hz to 6000 Hz range.

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She even complained about the carrier signal broadcast over the TV, which is pretty incredible.)

Depends on what they were telling her to do...

I can't hear dog whistles. In fact, I didn't even know they could whistle.

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wow...thats pretty loud! Now, when your ears begin to bleed....... Dont say we didnt tell you so!

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