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Your face on a Y10,000 bill

By Daniel Nishina

Whether you’re needing to boost your self-esteem, or you’re just awesome thank you and want some more proof of the fact, you can now get your lovely mug on some snazzy-looking cash. At Otona Ginko (“grown-ups’ bank”), you can order 10,000 yen bills with your portrait printed on them. You send in your picture and it gets converted to the kind of line-based monochrome graphic you see on real currency. (For those living outside of Japan, 10,000 yen is about $85, though realistically speaking you use them like $20 bills here.)

The fake bills are the same size as actual money, printed front and back, and you’re encouraged to flash the wads of your new cash to impress your friends or get new ones. They come in batches of 500 bills or more, starting at 15,000 yen. Otona Ginko provides other gag products to support your self-important image, such as real-looking licenses of your creation, e.g., a license to take naps, a license to use magic, etc.

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this is how Japan wants to come out from the deep & decades long recession (!)

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10,000 yen is about $85?

How much in dollars will you let me exchange for yen at that rate?

according to http://www.xe.com, 10,000JPY = 125.40USD

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y count me in to i got lots of yen to exchange at that rate. where do we hook up? and since u use 10,000 yen like 20$ bills id like to be ur friend too. perhaps u can use some on me. lol

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your product in 40 million pieces sale in global market. understand first the global market, then create a new product for ONLY GLOBAL MARKET or for all the market in galaxy.

NEW ENERGY SOURCE, THE SUN, develop thermovoltaic new type of telecommunication, develop device which transfer imagine on glass new type of transportation, create a one seat car, mini car for one person for 5000 EURO NEW TYPE OF DRIVE, develop thermo-voltaic suns heat in electricity for move the car new type of house, develop thermo-voltaic for made sun-houses, a houses which produce electricity from suns heat... new type of satellite, which are driven from the earth with energy of the sun and go in other part of galaxy.
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Banksy did that until he realized he could go to jail for counterfeit. Not that they could ever identify him, but you know.

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Fake bills? I thought they were real.

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That's a sloppy exchange rate calculation

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Bank has no money so doing it's work...people enjoy with this

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