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“See your skin closely,” proclaims the tagline for the Cosmopolitan BeautyScope, and honestly we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Officially licensed by the venerable ladies fashion magazine after which it’s named, this pocket-sized gadget lets you examine your dermatological imperfections in all their glory. Simply install the bundled software on your computer (Windows Vista/XP/2000 only, sadly), jack the BeautyScope into a spare USB port, and prepare to lose the rest of your day inspecting and photographing your skin at a 30x magnification. An array of LED lights helps brighten things up when required, and… damn, at this size, those zits really do look like Mt Fuji.

Cosmopolitan BeautyScope, 3,980 yen. Available from Amazon Japan.

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I can see the problems with my skin by getting close enough, I don't need a scope...!

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Could be useful if you're carefully removing a botfly under your skin that's eating you from the inside...or you're extremely vain.

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or you're extremely vain.

hence the target market

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Why in the world would you want to do this in the first place??!

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Sales gimmick..... ! Thereafter they will be able to recommend you whatever they said is good for your skin.

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