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Yuzu Pringles: New Japan-exclusive flavor is so stimulating it’s turned Mr P’s eyes to stars

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Pringles is a well-known global brand that has a presence in over 140 countries. Only one of those countries will be getting a very special Yuzu flavor next month, and luckily for us, that country is Japan.

This is no ordinary addition to the range, as the flavor of yuzu will be combined with the brand’s top-selling sour cream and onion flavor. As the company describes it: “The brand’s No. 1 flavor is now available with the refreshing aroma and tartness of yuzu!”

The new product is called Piritto Yuzu Sour Cream & Onion, with piritto meaning “stinging” or “tingling”, in reference to something with a sharp, peppery or astringent taste. The notes here are definitely on the astringent side, with the eyes on mascot character Mr P’s face replaced with stars on each pack, to show just how tingling the effect of the yuzu will be.


The new Pringles flavor will join the four currently on the market in Japan: Sour Cream & Onion, Lightly Salted, Cheeeeeese, and Otsumami Nori (Snack Seaweed).


The Piritto Yuzu Sour Cream & Onion is being sold nationwide in 50-gram and 105-gram tins.

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‘Yuzu flavor’ not made with any fruit added!

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Saw Yuzu flavour in the supa yesterday. Pringles are way too salty, especially the Sour Cream flavour. Really surprised it is the most popular flavour.

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Pringles are way too salty, especially the Sour Cream flavour.

Nutritionally speaking I'm sure they are, but it's true (for me at least) that once you pop, you cannot stop. And yes, the sour cream and onion are the most irresistable. I wonder if the yuzu will add to or detract from that.

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Pringles are not crisps and contain very little potato.

So much in one little Pringle.

dried potatoes, vegetable oil (corn, cottonseed, high oleic soybean, and/or sunflower oil), degerminated yellow corn flour, cornstarch, rice flour, maltodextrin, mono- and diglycerides, salt, wheat starch.

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I make my own crisps with my air fryer.

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Look at how thin those packages are. Pringles are the original 'shrinkflation' king: years ago they suddenly dropped from 165 grams to 110 grams with a tiny decrease in price (198 yen to about 178), meaning a huge increase in unit price. Did they expect people to just keep buying even when they get less product for their money?

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