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300-year-old brewery releases new sake brand that contains just 8% alcohol

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If you love the taste of sake, but find that you can’t drink much alcohol, you’re in luck. A long-standing, 300-year-old sake brewery has created a brand new line of sake that’s low alcohol, just for you. Okuhida Brewery, which was founded in 1720 in the city of Hida Takayama in what… Read

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Starbucks releases dragon latte containing Japanese pepper


In Japan, Starbucks sells a chilled cup series at convenience stores around the country, with new releases perfectly timed for seasonal events like hanami cherry blossom viewing. Now with the New Year coming up, the chain is releasing a Zodiac Design Cup in honor of the upcoming zodiac year, which begins in Japan on… Read

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Outdoor brand Logos teams up with Aichi sake brewery to make your camping more boozy


If you’ve ever been camping with friends, sitting under the stars on a clear night before a fire, then you know that having something to drink makes it all the better. That’s why Japanese outdoor brand Logos has teamed up with sake brewery Nakano Shuzo to make it easier to add hot sake to… Read

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Japanese sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger kicks off its 75th anniversary with Astro Boy collaboration


When it comes to Japanese shoe brands, few could come to mind faster than Onitsuka Tiger, whose signature logo of four curving strands is as iconic as it is cool. Fans of the brand may be surprised to know that the company’s founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, actually started it in 1949, shortly… Read

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Document the holiday season with these Kenko Tokina toy cameras


Kenko Tokina is a camera and optical devices manufacturer that has been around since the 1950s. From binoculars to microscopes and camera lenses, this brand has grown to be a reliable option for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you want to capture your holiday festivities in a fun, new… Read

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Stay warm with heating wrist rest


Working overtime on some last-minute deadlines? Gift yourself something to keep the soreness away. Aside from investing in an ergonomic keyboard to keep the wrist strain at a minimum, you can add a wrist rest or wrist pad into the mix.  This heating wrist rest by Thanko provides you with… Read

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Shoe brand Clarks Torhill teams up with Pokemon for the nostalgic starter shoes of your choice


Back in 1996 when the first Pokemon games were released, players were faced with a difficult decision – should they choose Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle to be their initial starter Pokemon partner? 1998’s Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition then made it possible to team up with everyone’s favorite electric rodent right from the start of… Read

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Blow off steam with this portable karaoke mic by Geo Store


If you’re looking for a way to release some end-of-year stress, why not have a karaoke party in the comfort of your own home? Studies have shown that those who sing their stress away feel more energetic and positive after a few rounds of singing along to their favorite songs. … Read

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Trading card LED showcase display makes for the perfect gift


We have about two weeks of holiday parties ahead of us, with many people trying to think what to give for office exchange gifts like white elephants and Secret Santa. Others might choose the safe route like buying gift certificates or fancy toiletries. The Thanko Trading Card LED Showcase is… Read

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It’s time to take a trip to pancake paradise with Japan’s new Warmer Plate kitchen gadget


Nitori puts the hot in hotcakes. After a week of waiting, it was finally here. The solution to one of the biggest problems the SoraNews24 team faces, and a dilemma that we imagine a lot of other people grapple with too. At a glance, it might look like a tablet,… Read

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