New Vuitton-Kusama collection is a frenzy of dots


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I suppose you could say that they have got it "spot on" this time.

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o please, don't let yourselves be degraded by louis vutton, they just try to leech like the global vulture culture would

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I see spots before my eyes!


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I once visited her home town, Matsumoto, although I didn't know she came from there at the time. I visited a musuem which had an exhibition on her work. Quite an experience. Although clearly having some mental illness, she was, yet again, one of those Japanese who were thought of as odd and was dismissed. After she found fame abroad, suddenly she was a daughter of Japan.

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Thats why Japanese go abroad. They get no respect here when they do great things. But when the rest of the world recognizes them, Japan suddenly becomes interested.

No fan of vuiton nor her art. Vuiton I think its overpriced cr*p

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@Pukey2 Hey, what did you see at the museum? Just wondering about "...clearly having some mental illness"... How was it clear to you? What artwork made you think "Yup, Kusama is nuts." I found out about Kusama several months ago when a few Japanese girls and I were chatting about nothing in particular. One had something by Kusama and another girl commented and I jumped in with "What?! Tell me, tell me!" I was told that having an obsession or liking polka dots was a clear sign of mental illness. I told the other girls, "Uh... I like polka dots..." They all cracked up.

@papigiulio thumbs up! so true that the artsy ones don't get recognized until they go abroad.

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Agree with papigiulio It is grossly overpriced and the quality and materiels used for the clothes, handbags and the likes is not that good. Yet the japanese it seems will pay any price for the brand name.

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Vuitton may be a brand with all that that entails, but nice designs. Kusama's art is like kindergarten stuff.

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@Pukey2 Hey, what did you see at the museum?

The usual dots, dots and dots!!! There was a room which, if I remember correctly, had mirrors. I can't remember anything else specifically, except that the two or three other Japanese visitors there thought it was amusing (and strange). Also, outside the building, they even had a Coke vending machine with spots!

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@Pukey2 ohhh! Coke vending machine with spots! Love that! I just wondered what made you think, "This is the work of a madwoman!" Guess seeing dots, dots, dots brought you to that conclusion. Kusama and Christo make me think I wish I thought of that! Drawing dots and wrapping landmarks! How creative to come up with ways to express love of dots and wrapping!

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Well, the fact that she's chosen to make an in-patient psychiatric care facility her home for the last few decades may explain the perception that Ms. Kusama is a bit off her rocker. But after watching a two-part, four hour documentary on her life and work (on NHK), I can't deny her qualities as an artist, if one with a singular obsession...

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