No more nerds, sex bombs: Female animators draw away clichés


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Very good article, with lots of food for thought.

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For children under the age of 18, cartoons, computer games, movies with animation etc...are all good. Now days with people of all ages in Japan playing these games everywhere and not using good manners to do so is a big problem. Hope everyone finds their dream job.

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The beauty and joy of animation is that it can be an escape from reality. If animators try to make it too much like real life it will loses its fun and I think, starts to make it a bit pointless.

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Great article. However, one point to add is the fact that catering to men is more marketable than to women, especially when it comes to children. Of course there are animated programs that are strongly geared towards boys, and others that are strongly geared towards girls. However, the ones that are "neutral" tend to have a more masculine-favoring slant. There is a lot of research done about this, and it shows that girls are more willing to watch something slightly more masculine-slanting than boys are to watch something slightly more feminine-slanting. With a lot of evidence supporting that concept, if you were to risk your time, energy, and money into making an animated program, how would you design it?

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Velma could be the “hot girl,” Stubbs said

What do you mean 'could be'? She always has been in my eyes.

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