No talent needed for pop music, just evolution: study


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Oh no! They figured out the secret to AKB! Now every country will have one. This is actually quite sad. I dont like this "assembly line pop group" fad. I hope it dies out soon.

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This article could really use an audio file!

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This article could really use an audio file!

They do even better by providing a link at the end of the article to where the whole project, plus audio, is located. If only people weren't so lazy.

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Back in the '70s, there was an American pop tune called "Popcorn," which was "composed" and played by a computer. It sounds like DarwinTunes is taking the next logical step.

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The music sounds like a TV commercial for apple or a coldplay tune, music evolves, had you run this experiment in 1980 the results would be totally different, people like what they like based from their own experiences and exposure to music.

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Ahhhhhh....So that's what happened to Depeche Mode, never knew they morphed...

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