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'He hugs everybody': Women divided over defense of Biden


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The DNC has picked Kamala Harris so they’re trying to take out Biden.

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The videos of him stroking women and girls' hair and whispering sweet nothings is creepy.

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You can't do anything in the US anymore.

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Feeling uncomfortable is never OK

Really? Life is full of discomfort. Isn't that what the Buddha said? He also said that the solution was mental. Stop spending so much time in your head.

I have a feeling that people like Flores are using Metoo more to further their political standing than anything else. Blowing this out of proportion takes away from the real victims of harassment.

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Touching between adults should only happen when it is consensual.

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Remember Kavanaugh? The country went nuts.

Video evidence? "Well maybe it's okay".

Many people are very tired of the obvious double-standards.

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I don’t think Biden is a bad guy, I actually respect him and think he’s pretty solid traditional old skool Democrat, but having said that, his tight closeness hugging and sniffing is a bit on the creepy side, but as you said, liberals are the ones that made it illegal to come close, touch, stare, ask questions that anyone can take personal, What you say and how you say it, how a person perceives it and processes it etc. Biden is one of these old traditional dinosaur Democrats that have run too, too far to the left and he’s just not that kind of radical socialist. Also, he doesn’t have that fire in his belly to be President, it’s evident and you can see it on his face. If and when he jumps in, the Socialist wing of the Democrat party will serve him up, even Bernie is being left out in the dust, these are two old white men that want to run for the Presidency, good luck to them, but they just won’t make it out of the starting gate.

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People who suffered sexual abuse as children can have their chronic PTSD triggered by such touching. In North America 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys suffered such childhood sexual trauma, but this is not widely known so only those who have suffered such abuse or who have had to deal with it understand the problems it causes.

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Wasn't he one of the senators that grilled Clarence Thomas at the hearings? Kind of like tasting his own medicine now.

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