'Infodemic' risks jeopardising virus vaccines


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Have governments and pharmaceutical companies ever lied or deceived the public?

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I can understand people who spread false information because they genuinely believe falsehoods, but what is the motivation for people who intentionally spread falsehoods? From what I have read, the biggest purveyors of fake news have been Russian state organizations. Spreading conspiracy theories and false info serves to weaken the countries that normally allow the free exchange of opinions, aka the democracies, in which Putin seems to take particular pleasure.

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Maybe if governments didn't lie, people would trust them.

The media should point the finger at the governments themselves for being the cause of mistrust.

Instead the media points the finger at us, the people, for not being naive enough to believe everything our governments say.

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Mathematically, there is a level of vaccination that provides sufficient herd immunity, such that a virus will die out because it can't find enough new hosts. News articles reciting from learned experts indicate this level is around 60-70% of the population being vaccinated. Canada and India should be fine. The USA may be at the cut line. France - only 54% may allow the virus to linger in the population and have future outbreaks.

Japan should watch the vaccination rates in specific countries before allowing their citizens to enter for the Olympics.

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A high level of immunity in a population suggests that the virus or bacteria can not cause an epidemic, but it does not automatically follow that the disease vector will die out.

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Well, does anybody already have the truth and final valid informations? No, there are daily new news and developments and even experts and scientists give statements in contrary to their earlier statements. The truth of today can turn into tomorrow’s fake news and also a current lie could be the new truth in some weeks. It would be honest if you would tell the world that you are still at the beginning of knowledge collecting or in fact still know nothing at all. Look, if you knew anything, the numbers wouldn’t continue to rise exponentially, but they do. Just because you do and know what? Exactly, nothing at all.

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