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7 romantic things that only happen in movies


Oh romantic movies, you don’t half highlight the flaws in our own relationships. Add a slow-motion effect and a touch of romantic music though, and our own lives would look just as dreamy... kind of. Dim the lights, cue the romantic music and get your tissues at the ready because we’ve got some real tear-jerking romance here for you.

Here are seven romantic things that only happen in movies.

Cliche 1: Romantic music and slow motion

In romantic dreamland, the scenes are always punctuated by beautiful music and slow-motion effects at the most opportune moments. Cuddling in the supermarket? Musical underscore. Kissing in bed? A chorus of violins. If only our romances were underscored by a beautiful symphony. Instead, we’ve usually got the washing machine whirring round and the phone ringing in the background during our passionate moments.

Cliche 2: The sex is always perfect

Crikey! If our sex was that spontaneous, we would have almost certainly forgotten to shave our legs, the bedroom wouldn’t be dimly lit with a flattering light that made our skin glow and never would we end up finding the right moment to put that sexy lingerie on that covers a large portion of our body and makes us look drop-dead-gorgeous. Our sex would probably be better too if we were pretty much fully dressed. No more worrying about our least favourite body parts = full concentration.

Cliche 3: Waking up looking delightful

When we wake up in the morning next to our other half, we look in the mirror and swiftly realize that we’ve got sleep in our eyes, our pajamas are all twisted and we have caveman hair. When the characters in the rom-coms wake up, they look perfectly polished with a beautiful fresh face and not a strand of hair out of place. Plus, they can give each other a "good morning" kiss without worrying about morning breath.

Cliche 4: Gazing into each other’s eyes while driving

Do romance characters not have any concern for pedestrians or fellow drivers? They drive along talking about sweet nothings and even have time to gaze into each other’s eyes instead of looking at the road. If that was us, we’d have crashed before we even got to say “your eyes are like whirlpools.”

Cliche 5: Stalking is romanticised

In the movies, one character obsesses over another character until they eventually get together and live happily ever after. If that happened in real life, the obsessed character probably would have been issued with a restraining order and a hard whack around the face, not a proposal. If this did happen in real life, we’d probably be pretty annoyed to be honest. A husband/wife who used to stalk us? We’ll find a normal person, thanks.

Cliche 6: The less popular one attracts the object of everyone’s desires

In our world, gents go on dates looking dapper and the ladies get dressed up to the nines too. In the movies, it’s always the guy or girl who looks a little unkempt that ends up finding love with the object of everyone’s desires. We wish lovely partners were attracted to us that easily. While the nerdy girl/guy always ends up looking great at the end of the movie, their partner was attracted purely to their personality from the start. That’s true love.

Cliche 7: Arguments turn into marriage

Many romantic love stories in the movies start like this: woman and man can’t stand each other, they put up with each other and argue, then they fall in love and live happily ever after. If we’d got married to every person who annoyed us, we’d probably have achieved a world record by now. If only arguments turned into romance in real life. Finding Mr or Mrs Right would be a breeze.

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Cliche 8: Every postman has a 9" third leg

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Cliche 8: She comes everytime

Yes, only one orgasm each time. Very unrealistic.

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Cliche 8: She comes everytime...

0 ( +0 / -0 )

And in our next stunning feature, we'll explore seven ways that ART is actually DIFFERENT than LIFE!

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If our sex was that spontaneous, we would have almost certainly forgotten to shave our legs

It's well known that in rom-coms they shave during the CMs.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

I'll admit, a hilarious take on the rocky romantic road.

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1) That's to get YOU into the mood while watching. The characters don't necessarily hear the music you know, and time is suggestive anyway.

2) Just watch Friends with Benefits, not all movies make it out to be a perfect thing, just something fun.

3) Sucks for you, but doesn't hold true for everyone!

5) Many movies show it for what it is. And many real life examples are true anyway, not all "premeditated random encounters" reach the level of actual stalking.

6) I've seen it before, there's a reason why they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Cliche 1: Romantic music

Somehow, this reminded me of a breakup several years ago. My then-boyfriend started playing "The Scientist" by Coldplay in the background while breaking up with me. It kinda felt like we were in a movie, and then I was like F*** you!!! Way to add salt to the wound haha

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"The sex is always perfect"

"Waking up looking delightful"

Every time, of course!

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They always tend to play romantic music in supermarkets.......

I suppose that makes sense if "Mr. Right" is a brand of maple syrup.

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Good list ..... made me smile. The one exception for me is cliche #3 as I like the way that most women look after they just wake up. :-)

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Here are seven romantic things that only happen in movies.

Cliche 1: Romantic music and slow motion

I could have sworn I heard theme music the last time I was walking around, doing anything.

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