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9/11 leaves a legacy of psychiatric trauma, stress


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I real feel for the people who expereinced this tragedy firsthand and can understand them having PTSD. However, those who weren't there to witness it firsthand seem to be expeirencing similar symptoms just through the fear mongering of the media. It would be interesting to know what conditions people in other countries that have had similar experiences, but without the fearmongering media are facing.

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It shocked me, and I was safe (in the UK) watching on TV. Will never forget it - watching the second plane crash live really hurt. Lost an ex-colleague and people I knew through work. I remember being in there in the late '90s up on the 98th floor (I think) - was kind of like a dream as the towers were such a strong landmark. Such a waste of life, and such a tragedy.

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Pity the Psychiatric help doesn't directed at all the useless intelligence agents who are now fired for failing dismally to the USA and are now searching futily for work.

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I am sad, compassionate for the enormous tragedy, loss of life caused to American people but didn't American government cause many people around the world bigger more prolonged traumas? I hope American people feel compassion for the trauma caused to many people by the USA government in the same way we feel compassion for American people. wars never bring anything good.

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Events and life circumstances as well as learned behaviors and styles of coping can prevent personal obstacles or barriers that create stress, anxiety, or feeling down. Occasionally it is impossible to put one's finger on the nature of the problem. The description often provided is that "things just feel off" or "I just don't feel like myself" It is possible to gain insight into the nature of such issues, introduce change, and effectively manage such scenarios through individual counseling. Alleviating anxiety and depression, becoming more energized, developing new coping strategies and styles of communicating help individuals build better relationships and live life more fully at home, and work, and at play. We hope that we will never have to experience a repeat of the traumatic tragedy of September 11.

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As much as i feel sympathy for the innocents who died, something like this was bound to happen. It will also happen again. For too long the USA has been causing this kind of trauma to other people, and still is. Play with fire and you get burned.

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No offense, but the media really milks 9/11 for every last drop of sympathy don't they? Yes it was a tragic loss of life, but there have been many, many more tragedies in recent history, the latest in Libya and South Sudan, that the world will never commemorate because to the media and no doubt much of the world, dead Libyans and Africans are just not as important as dead Americans.

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