America’s unfair democracy


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The US elections have been corrupted by the influence of our enemies, aided by hate and political treason against our electoral process.

It is time to declare the 2016 election fraudulent and start over.

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What democracy? There is NO democracy left in the US. Everything is CORRUPTION. The entire country is corrupt from top to bottom. People with the right to vote are BLOCKED from voting. Voting machines are used instead of paper ballots so that the votes can be CHANGED. So-called "lobbyists" freely roam the halls of Congress, handing out bribes. America's experiment with democracy has ended in FAILURE, and autocracy has replaced it.

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The decision by GOPers to gerrymander in the states that they control, and the decision by the Democrats not to do so in the states that they control, illustrates that the Democrats are basically a much more morals and ethics party than is their rival.

Here in California the people got fed up with Republican policies and elected a Democratic government, even electing a Democratic super-majority to the legislature, after the Republicans enacted a measure that allows them to shut down the government unless the Dems have an overwhelming majority, and not just a simple majority, in that body.

It would have been possible for the Dems to change the boundaries of the electoral districts in California to get rid of some of the worst members of Congress, such as Issa, Rohrbacher, McCarthy, and Nunes, but they didn't. It is against the principles of the Democratic leaders to subvert the will of the people, even when the Republicans have consistently used this very lack of principle to maintain control of the US House of Representatives. For myself, I fear that unless Dems are willing to use the same methods as the GOPers as regards gerrymandering, they may never be able to save the country from GOPer extremism.

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To the mods and editors.

Honestly tired of the left Vs right topics on JT, why so many US and political discussions?

How about more international news for us non-us people, plenty more countries out there.

Example: Guy in Denmark boarded a 'Taxi' but it was actually a cop-car and he was a drug-dealer with 1000spiffs on him. Carried on many sites.

I understand that USA generates hits but, a bit more balanced coverage would go well, I get my international news from other sources, ditto for Japanese news.

Most likely like many others before me I will drop JT(and affiliates for news and relevant Japan topics). Many other sites had editorials about Christmas customs, etc.

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America does not have a democracy, it has a TRUMP. Those in Russia have more freedom than those in America. Americans believe in their own propaganda. A subversive entrenched never ending diatribe encapsulate this nutty country. Hundreds die every year from mass shootings, are there any change to the laws, no. Racism is rampant, hundreds shot dead by the police for being coloured or Hispanic etc.

Democracy is only a word brutalised by the likes of Trump and his family of criminals.

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My country at the moment is pushing towards a 'direct democracy's as exist in Switzerland and is the original form. Less government and more populace involvements in decision making.

We are tired of electing officials who do less/poor after elected.

Granted means more voting sometimes 2-3 times/month, extra studies, etc works great with smaller populations. But getting easier with online voting, etc.

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Here in America you have ignoramuses who fall for anything and anyone who poses in front of an American flag or waves a Christian cross or claims to stand for morality even if it's obvious that they are not. Trump and his family are sickening, corrupt, rotten to the core and hypocritical to the max. There's so much ugly scandals in them and Washington, DC is now a Sodom, Gomorrah, Babylon and Imperial Rome all rolled in one - and even worse!

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