Heard-Depp trial not just a media spectacle; it's an opportunity to discuss intimate partner violence

By Kellie Lynch

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''An audio recording used in the trial depicted Depp’s apparent concern that he couldn’t take any more “physical abuse on each other” after Heard admitted to hitting him. Heard, meanwhile, testified that she hit Depp “reactively” while Depp hit her “proactively.”

''Depp v. Heard trial heard evidence that each had been violent toward the other during their relationship.''

The problem is...there is zero credible proof, witness testimony or physical evidence that Depp 'proactively hit her.'

While there is a recorded admission and testimony that Heard hit Depp on more than one occasion.

Other than that glaring fault it's a good article and a good discussion to have. Men can (and are) be victims too. The culture of simple claims unsubstantiated by evidence has to end.

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No it is an appalling spectacle of celebrity media sadomasochistic self harm, and a crazy lawyer charter.

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