Here's what to do with reviled statues

By John Lloyd

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Consult the people before removing these statues, anything less could be an interpreted as a crude attempting to whitewash past historic injustices.

Charlottesville city council handling of the issues surrounding the removal of the statue/monument dedicated to Robert E. Lee has attorneys queuing up to spend tax payers money. Guaranteeing a platform for every right wing hate group that has a axe to grind.

Tearing down statues is not a solution to quelling the spread of intolerance. It is a wilful political act of ignorance to sanitize historic acts of suppression or prejudice.

It allows, especially in the case of Robert E. Lee monument a means to galvanize bigotry.

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If we are to be honest, statues of slaves in chains, being whipped and raped, would be more historically accurate representations of the Confederacy than statues of their military leaders. BTW, Robert E. Lee never owned slaves, and directed that at his funeral no one should show up in a Confederate uniform. I think he was not proud of his role in trying to preserve slavery.

As to what should be done with the statues of Confederate military leaders, they should be put in museums, with appropriate explanations of the tradition of racism that led to their construction, or melted down for scrap.

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Statues remind me of the division that flags cause in some parts of the world. Think of the situation in Northern Ireland/6 counties. Especially during the marching season. The pure, sectarian hatred the unfolds when banners and flags are unfurled.

The Churchill statue in Parliament Square, London has also received attention from protestors in the past. Because of his place in modern history; it's very difficult to criticise the man, as one tends to get shouted down or ignored but he is not the great squaeaky clean hero that many think he is.

There was talk of a statue of Che Guevera being erected in Galway, Republic of Ireland some years back which drew almighty ire from citizens of Florida! Which was amusing in a way; the threats of boycotts and so forth (Florida folk aren't known for visiting Ireland, let alone the City of the Tribes!)

Both Che and Churchill inspire many but both were deeply flawed leaders.

Keep statues in the museums. If people really want to see them, they'll go.

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the equally violent Communist anti fascists also speak for no one and their desires are not relevant in any society

I'd have to disagree with that particular statement and say that the desires of ordinary folk to stand up to nazis is pretty darn relevant and to fall into that decades old trap of calling them "communists" is a bit well-worn, at this stage.

Confronting fascists is quite an emotive subject. Especially when one considers just how many Americans gave their lives to defeat the nazis 70 years back.

I've visited both Italy and the US and from my own experiences; I can tell you that they are worth visiting. The people are welcoming and the majority don't appear to support the dark legacy of 30s and 40s fascism.

That's my experience, as I say. Other opinions and experiences are, of course, available!

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there is nothing wring with removing monuments and statues it's the method which needs to be considered. if the elected government chooses to remove and it's done with a typical project and crew great, in America, Europe, Japan and other places this is civilized. it's when mobs of angry fools have itched battles about it, protests, use ropes to rip it down, this is unacceptable. in the Charlottesville case, even more so because the violent fascists who want to keep it, sneak for no one and the equally violent Communist anti fascists also speak for no one and their desires are not relevant in any society. the reasons could be what the London politician suggests, why keep monuments in prominent places when no one even knows them. but the reason for removing Confederate statues is valid too because these statues represent a false narrative. these statues are generating a seriously flawed country. and the men in it are not men to be venerated. General Lee was not a great man, in the, end he chose to support slavery, miss placed "honor" for his, state rather than honor the unalienable right to liberty of slaves. you can't claim to be against slavery then lead a, war to keep it and be venerated as a great man. this is, a false history and, should be removed. still people do have, a right to form a city and erect statues of their choosing. replacing old ones of long dead, and forgotten is OK as is keeping statues of a, false history. that, way other people know who it is living in an area. thanks to this, article I now know Italy is not worth visiting if they are too stupid to remove the fascist monuments and chose to pretend they are Roman. I'm not visiting, areas of the southern US where they believe the confederation should be lauded. so let them keep the, statues so the, rest if us know, where to avoid going. at the, same time if people, want to change out their monuments, they should be able too. we can only hope they won't generate, some other false history when they erect new monuments.

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