How to feed the world and save the planet

By Thin Lei Win

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Past innovations in agriculture and medicine have invariably led to the population which we are currently witnessing. Just in my lifetime, the world population of humans has gone from fewer than 2.5 billion to over 7.5 billion today.

"Innovations in agriculture could feed a growing, hungry world without destroying the planet......"

No, not true at all. Unless innovations in agriculture and medicine are joined by innovations that prevent a continuation of the population explosion, we will continue on the path to overpopulation, and resource overuse.

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1glenn, agreed. First deal with the underlying problem of massive over population. Then the other problems will sort them selves out.

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I agree with both 1glen and englisc aspyrgend, overpopulation is the root of all our problems and they will only be solved when someone introduces a financial system that doesn't rely on constant expansion to be workable.

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We are NOT overpopulated. There are more than enough resources on the planet for us all, and many more.

The problem is that a very small portion of the world population has control of the overwhelming majority of its resources, and horde it for themselves, making the rest have to scramble.

The problem isn't overpopulation, it's the greedy elite.

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FYI, a lot of farmland in the USA (I haven’t read about other parts of the world) is dead, i.e. nothing lives in it, no earthworms, nematodes, insects, fungi, etc. It simply serves as an anchor for roots. RIP

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An introduction of better and more efficient farming methods will lead to greater crops and a reduction of harmful environment elements and more food available to feed the world couple with a reduction in food waste in developed countries.

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