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Inside Trump's Middle East mess

By Amir Handjani

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Not sure how or why SA is an ally of any Western country. Besides the oil they should be cut off entirely

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I hardly ever defend Trump, (Once before actually...) but the Middle East was a big mess before him, Obama, Bush, Clinton and I do not know how many more presidents before that.

However Trump is making matters much worse and for his and his ilk agendas only. However maybe this will back fire and Qatar will ally themselves even more with Iran which is what they should do. 

Everything negative in this article about Saudi is true. If we are never to forget 9/11, then never forget that out of the 19 highjackers, 15 were Saudi and 0 were Iranian.

But again, this was a mess long before Trump came into office.

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"Trump's attempt to bring peace & stability in ME" . Writer has great sense of humour.

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What a ridiculous hatchet piece. Making grand announcements about Middle Eastern peace and then creating a horrible mess instead is a time-honored tradition of American Potusses (Poti?). They have all done that.

But to claim that Trump, who has not done much yet, is worse than Obama/Clinton with their idiotic support of the "Arab Spring" aka Shariah Winter, with their destruction of Libya, their support for the Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, their misguided ongoing support for the elusive "vetted rebels" aka ISIS under a different label in Syria, their tacit approval for the Iranian nuclear program.... need I go on? ... well that is just rich.

And to claim that Qatar, the perultima terrorism sponsor of the region, is a "ally" of the West... what has this guy been smoking? He is certainly high on Trump hatred, maybe that is enough.

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