It is long past time to end unequal treatment of Okinawa over U.S. bases

By Morton H Halperin

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"Then attention must be focused on the more general task of reducing the base structure in Okinawa and insisting that the rest of Japan assume a fairer share of the burden."

Here we go again with people ignoring logistical facts and simple geography.

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I agree with Halperin. While there may (and I stress 'may') be good reason for an American presence on Okinawa, I doubt it has to be as contentious or obvious. I'm visiting Okinawa in February and March, and can only hope I can get around without being labeled American (I'm Canadian). So, all you Americans who comment herein, give me the thumbs-down. I can handle it.

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Can we please get some Eldridge OpEds published here. At least he makes clear concise points backed by data instead of rambling emotional appeals

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Crucial S

He starts the entire piece with a quote from an officer that’s meant to envoke an reaction from you. Where is one concise point with data?? Have we read the same article or is this just emotional rambling actually?

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