Notre Dame, Sri Lanka and democracy's social media dilemma

By Peter Apps

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Yep, opportunism at its worst.

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Reputable ratings or trustworthy ratings from journalist peers. 0-rating means total lies. 10 means total factual truth.

It cannot be a pure "popularity contest", since we have bots to do that for anything Russia likes.

All accounts get a 5-rating to begin. Reuters and AP get 9 ratings. As misinformation is posted, the ratings drop. Let users select what levels of ratings they want to see.

Fox News gets a 3-4, along with Mother Jones.

White House Press releases would be a 1-2.

Sources can opt-out of ratings, so all religious accounts would likely do that along with right and left wing politicians.

Doesn't seem all that hard, not from a technical perspective.

There are a few fact checking websites already. The ones I know tend to be too US politics centric. is one.

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Slightly laughable!

It might have be a ‘conspiracy’ had it not been an event that was very similar in nature to those previously reported! Churches in France before Notre Dame had been attacked and robbed and desecrated, priests attacked and murdered, police attacked and murdered outside parliament in London, the beheading of a soldier on a London street, the UK PM fleeing the building,bombings, pop concert bombings in Manchester, hundreds murdered and wounded by bombs in Sri Lanka

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of course anyone learning of Notre Dame would (before any result of any investigation) would be happy to know that the fire had not been arson, just unintentional like a discarded cigarette.

What a relief, we can all be divested of any requirement for a detailed analysis of the situation, safe that all has been expertly explained - sleep tight children!

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