Once centers of hope, political parties are dying

By John Lloyd

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lol OK the headline is right, the political party is dying. though it isn't a completely fake claim trump prefers autocracy or an even more ridiculous claim. of imaginary white backlash against Obama. Obama was a total incompetent who created not only a world wide great recession and accidentally caused slavery to be an industry, the guy set loose a terror army on the world. 8 long years of economic he'll being brought to the brink of world, war is why Obama is experiencing backlash

Trump is the result of backlash against pretty much the entire political class. if anything trump existing proves the point of the, article, political parties are dying and the reason is because people in general have direct access to unfiltered information and they are discovering political parties are nothing more than a, way for a parasite political class to organize their scams and corruption.

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The statement that there is a White backlash against the Obama presidency may be overstated. The Roper poll shows that only 39% of Whites voted for Obama in 2012, compared to 59% of Whites voting for Romney. How can there be a backlash, if a majority of Whites never supported him in the first place. That is probably why the Republican Party has worked so hard to disenfranchise minority voters.......Democrats cannot win elected offices without the support of minority voters.

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