Proving war crimes isn't simple – a forensics expert explains what's involved

By Stefan Schmitt

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Not one Russian official will be tried ,even calling them war crimes is a watse of time for,when their is no way to apprehend Putin

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Most Americans municipal court are more compotence,than Ukrainain federal court,an American municipal court are usually city courts

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Stefan Schmitt is a biased author, because:

war crimes committed by both Ukraine and Russia*

It was Russian Federation who invaded Ukraine (Feb 26-27 2014 - first time in this century), therefore it should be "war crimes committed by both Russia and Ukraine"

in the case of the Ukraine war,*

It's not a "Ukraine war", it's a "Russia-Ukraine war"

about tens of thousands of victims on all sides. *

What "all sides" is Stefan Schmitt talking about? There are TWO SIDES directly involved in this war: Russian Federation (Russian army) and Ukraine (Ukrainian army and Ukrainian civilians).

Donetsk People’s Republic*

There is no Donetsk People’s Republic. Especially for an independent and unbiased author. It may be "so called Donetsk People’s Republic" or "self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic", territory occupied by the Russians and the Russians are responsible for everything there.

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Though Stefan Schmitt probably is not a biased author, but, let's say, poorly informed one, because:

While talking about so called Donetsk People’s Republic he has never mentioned so called Luhansk People’s Republic, another artificial entity created by the Russians in Ukraine same period of time.

And the author somehow forgot the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, internationally recognized as occupied part of Ukraine, which will become the battle field soon.

So, either Stefan Schmitt is a biased or poorly informed author, this is not his best article on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Minsk Agreement Ukrainain turn over these regions legally,be it by force or coercion,they never attempted to regain control,and today Kiev,called them by their new name as they not part of Ukraine ,when you cede land,the agreement is legal and binding Google Minsk Agreement

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