Racism in sports remains worldwide scourge.


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Yes, there is certainly an argument here. However there is a side issue in that some people use the racial taunt because they know it will get a result. They are actually looking for something besides the usual questioning of a person's parentage, their containment of fecal matter and their overall intelligence that will goad the target into doing something other than what they are supposed to be doing on the field. I believe the Australians call it "sledging" but whatever the name, it's a way that some people use to try and gain the advantage or, at least, affect the sport in progress.

They know that it's insulting. That's why they do it. Go fig.

Oh, and by the way, this new layout sucks. In my opinion.

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mistie710: "They know that it's insulting. That's why they do it. Go fig."

Absolutely! From people intentionally chanting out racial epithets and throwing bottle son a pitch or diamond to people carrying flags of the Rising Sun to South Korean matches, people intentionally try to disparage others, particularly if their favored athlete or team is not doing as they had hoped.

But I don't have to look in the mirror, nor does each and every person. I speak up just fine about such things, and in fact have been accused of reverse discrimination for doing so. Never hurts to think about it, though.

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