The terrible cost of Trump's Jerusalem decision

By Peter Van Buren

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The decision may yield some domestic political advantage among Jewish and evangelical Christian voters 

Is it really just the votes he's after?

Come on Peter, we're not children.

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Negotiating with the Arab world over the 'Palestinians' they refused to accept into their countries is a fool's errand we don't need to be part of anymore, they have no intention of reaching a peaceful agreement with Israel. So let's drop the lies and tell it like it is, Jerusalem is Israel's capital, pretending otherwise only fosters the delusions of the fanatics.

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”Peace talks”? Never been any. No loss here.

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Hardly. I don't agree with the actions of Israel in regards to Palestine, but calling Israel the country hew new nazi's is mis-characterization.

Maybe because you are only thinking of the worst things the NAZI's did. But their policies over unwanted people in the territory they are occupying are far more similar.

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Actually good to see this decision reverses Obama’s negative legacy dealing w the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Jerusalem as the capital was affirmed officially by the US years ago & now Prez Trump is simply making it a reality.

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