What next after limited Iran strikes?

By Peter Apps

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Every missile used by Hezbollah or Iran through proxies is really Iran. They've been continuously launching them at US allies in the region for over a decade.

Eventually, someone will need to end that. Waiting until they have a nuclear warhead to place in one of their missiles to throw at Israel is probably a bad idea.

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It's not over, from the Iranians. Not limited strikes just the first one.

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Watching Trump garble the reading of his teleprompter was not particularly encouraging. Like his bizarre trade wars, his hot war with Iran does not make sense.

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Like his bizarre trade wars,

Those "bizarre" trade wars haven't exactly been bad for the U.S. economy. Check out the numbers.

his hot war with Iran does not make sense.

The hot war has cooled off, at least for the time being. Watch Trump negotiate a deal that will stop Iran from funding terrorism, and from acquiring nukes and make it a much better place to live for their citizens during his second term if not this year.

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Don't worry , trump said nobodies hurt ???.

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Whether Tehran's military response is truly complete, of course, remains uncertain

If it's not, it's going to suck for them.

The nightmare scenario the United States feared perhaps the most – an overwhelming assault on its embassy prompting a humiliating Hanoi-style withdrawal months before November's presidential election –

First, it was Saigon, not Hanoi, and second, if there was an overwhelming assault on the U.S. embassy in Iraq that Iraqi security and U.S. guards couldn't defend against, arriving reinforcements would make the attackers wish they had never seen the embassy.

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Looks like Trump wasn't listening to prior briefings about the military capabilities of Iran.

They aren't shooting bottle rockets in a general direction. They have short, medium, and long range missiles (2000 km) with 100m accuracy and 1000 lb payloads. Iran has 20 yrs of experience and at least 500 missiles of different types in stock. Most have mobile launchers, but some are in-ground. They have a mix of solid rockets and liquid fueled rockets.

Iran has ship targeting missiles with 10m accuracy.

This is according to Jane's. seems some were less than perfect attacks.

Iran has been violating many UN resolutions. Not just nuclear-related stuff.

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