Where is Peng Shuai? Why isn't the IOC speaking out?


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Expecting the IOC to show moral leadership in anything is a total waste of time. At the moment the campaign to get the Chinese government to come clean about Peng Shuai seems to be in the hands of a few star players and the WTA. Other sporting bodies should get involved, and most importantly, Governments. In the meantime- Olympic community “family”, anyone?

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The IOC seems content to go along with this ridiculous, clumsy ruse, not wanting to do anything to rock the billion-dollar party it will be staging in and around Beijing starting Feb. 4.

The IOC hinted that it's working behind the scenes to determine Peng's whereabouts, but forgive us for being a bit skeptical that the organization will even slightly buck the Chinese on any issue that might affect its bottom line.

The fact is, the IOC can do whatever it wants.

It seems content to do nothing.

Showing far more backbone than the IOC, the leader of the WTA sent out a strong condemnation of China's actions -

Seriously, Mr Bach, have you no spine?

Money, money, money is ALL the IOC thinks about, this was made obvious earlier this year. Both China and the IOC are made for each other.

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Time for the rest of the world to show China the what for.

Women need to unite in protest, boycott the Olympics and all things Chinese.

And demand the resignation of the gutless IOC.

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The IOC should be TELLING beijing that they need to present Peng san & allow her to get on a flight if she wants to.

And THEN cancel the olympics anyway!!!

Come on IOC this IS about SPORT, so WHAT are you going to do.......

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Beyond a disgrace from the IOC. Disgusting. She’s been disappeared because the Chinese think that the world is in too much of a disarray to do anything about it. They have complete and utter contempt for any semblance of morality or rule of law, especially when it comes to high ranking officials. (. who from what we hear just take whatever and whoever they want. )

It’s all a test, and our response will determine their next moves and future strategies. She’s an ex Olympian for Christ’s sake, you don’t work ‘behind the scenes’ on something like this. You demand her immediate release publicly, otherwise you are complicit! Going to be a dark little piece of history this kind of cowardice.

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Why isn't the IOC speaking out?

Because there's no money in it.

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'Quiet diplomacy',eh?

Just the faint rustle of banknotes being slipped into back pockets...

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So pity Porsche and SAP. They have a huge presence in China. It is Porsches largest market. They are building a design center there to tailor models to Chinese tastes. But, lo, they are also a major sponsor of the WTA as is SAP. What happens to their businesses if, as the WTA justifiably threatens, they end their dealings with China and cancel all those tournaments they were committed to host through 2028? If Porsche and SAP support the WTA position they will certainly lose their position in China probably forever. If they do not, they will lose markets outside of China as angry people boycott their products and investors take their investments elsewhere.

China needs to allow some western diplomats, WTA officials and athlete friends of hers from the west to meet with Ms. Peng with no Chinese officials in the room so she can speak freely. Their diplomatic spokesflunky Zhao Lijian said "not a diplomatic question and I'm not aware of the situation.", only serving to make Beijings hole deeper. The statement is an obvious lie and a very poor attempt to deflect.

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"Experience shows that quiet diplomacy offers the best opportunity to find a solution for questions of such nature," the IOC said in a statement. "This explains why the IOC will not comment any further at this stage."

Injustice will never be stopped by this stance.

If there is wrong then it should be called out.

And yes!

Where is Ms Peng Shuai?

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IOC Pound said they’re waiting to see Peng Shuai or to exactly know her location or…Olympic winter games in Beijing could be in jeopardy.

A turnaround, a real one or fake news ?

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