A global mystery: What's known about Nord Stream explosions


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Some have said the blasts caused the worst release of methane in history

Yup, but oddly, leftist environmentalists suddenly don't care.

could also threaten Western unity

Germany has said that the size, scale and sophistication of the attack point to state sponsorship and that the the if the offending state thinks the attack will be without consequences, they are wrong.

I suspect the Germans know who did they and there will be retribution.

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This is dead-centre conspiracy central. So just ask the conspiracy community. I am sure they "know". They will have done their own research.

Yup, but oddly, leftist environmentalists suddenly don't care.

And how do you know that, Bronco? I think I might come into that category and I think it is an environmental crime. Don't just invent straw men to support your "theories".

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The article makes a point for each of those 3 suspects. There are other suspects too in the middle east, who would want less Russian oil available to Europe.

Read that the US provided acoustic recordings from that period to some of the investigators. These recordings can fingerprint ships in the area. That's 1 reason that the US wouldn't be involved, since they are providing aid in the search for the saboteurs. I don't see the CIA getting approval from Biden to do anything like this. They certainly wouldn't be able to do it without high-level approvals and support from the US Navy.

Russia has used oil previously to convey unhappiness with other countries. That should also be taken into account.

Ukraine definitely has multiple reasons as well, but I suspect their people capable of this sort of act would all be fighting Russians back in Ukraine. This would be impossible to prove, of course.

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It’s another case or question of probabilities, comparable to those viruses origins. You can’t and won’t know 100% who is responsible or did it, but there are of course very different probabilities for all the sides who could be involved or interested.

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Well it's obvious that Nato/US did it. They have started to run a narrative that 'pro-Ukrainians' did it after Sy Hersh released his Substack expose. The US narrative involves a yacht and reminds me of the french bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland NZ back in 1987. Pro-Ukrainians, well the US and Nato would fit this description so maybe in a roundabout way that are telling the truth.

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Another mystery in the world. Will we ever know the truth behind it or the motivation?

Many people say governments can’t keep secrets etc, well there’s no loose lips giving details about this event

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The only mystery here is that anyone actually believes there is a mystery. How can so many be so gullible?

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Many people say governments can’t keep secrets etc, well there’s no loose lips giving details about this event

Well, aside from saying in advance that they would do it, and a few cheers after it was done....

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Every conspiracy theorist wet dream.

All the usual suspects have a motive.

So who done it?

Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White and Mr. Green?

Was it the China connection, or Rogue Russia, those pesky CIA American scallywags, don't forget UK secret service aided and abetted by Mr Bean with snorkel handy.

Then there is the blockbuster movie to enjoy.

You can almost catch a whiff of Arnie's cigar, is that Rambo lip wobbling, they drew first blood, not me.

Can you honestly suggest any are going to simply put there hand up?

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Cui bono? Mainly the USA and Ukraine. Ukraine is too far away and probably not capable of such an operation, therefore it's the USA. Having said that, I'm sure they were careful to use non-Americans for the actual job of planting the bombs, but the brains, the planning and the funding were American for sure.

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It is no mystery. Read Seymour Hersh!

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“We have to make a clear distinction whether it was a Ukrainian group, whether it may have happened at Ukrainian orders, or a pro-Ukrainian group (acting) without knowledge of the government. But I am warning against jumping to conclusions,” Boris Pistorius said on the sidelines of a summit in Stockholm. He said earlier the likelihood was “equally high” that it could have been a “false flag operation staged to blame Ukraine.”

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Either the Russians did it as a false flag, or the Ukrainians did it, and the Russians deserve it.

Either way, if Russia hadn't invaded Ukraine, it wouldn't have happened, so it's all on Russia.

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Well, some posters obviously have inside knowledge, as expected.

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the Polish boat hired by Ukrainians is true


if that boot had anything to do with the destruction


we still don't know who planned, funded, and carried out anything.

I haven't seen any proof that the Polish boat was involved, just that it was in the area at the time.

State actors could have done it all from submarines.

Russian has over 50 nuclear attack subs.

USA has 70 total subs.

Ukraine doesn't have any subs. Russia illegally stole their last one in 2014.

Many countries with north sea access have sub fleets. Just sayin'.

There are lots of possible people behind this. I haven't any clue who is responsible. Heck, it could have been Germany, because they wanted to cut off Russian oil, but didn't want to have Russia think they were doing it by choice. Hard to say. I am inclined to think that the Ukrainian involvement is a false flag effort, if they were involved at all.

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What or who would benefit most sabotaging Nord Stream gas pipelines?

And just as importantly why?

New reports highlight 3rd quarter impact of gas supply cuts

Europe and Russia without Nord Stream

I have selected some thoughts of winners and losers.

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