A ceasefire is far from lasting peace – a national security expert on the Israel-Hamas deal

By Gregory F Treverton

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Hamas is a bunch of fanatical un-Islamic murderers and Nutty Yahoo is a power junkie. Nonetheless, Hamas started this ugly war, right after the Rosh Hashanah celebrations at that. Not a coincidence.

Nonetheless - Gazans, Palestinians, Israelis; there are no winners in this war.

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How can on start a war when one is at war. Hamas once again lash out over Israel apartheid of Arab in the own lands which has be going since the Jew descended on Palestine in 1945. The Jew has been roaming around the world since the Muslins threw the Jew out of Palestine 600 AD and have been attempting to overthrow other peoples land since. Get your history right. also Ask yourself Why were the Christian and other religious groups allowed to stay. Because they complied with the Muslins and lived peacefully for 1400 years without any hostilities. The only odd one out is the Jew.

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“The war will continue until we achieve all of our goals,” Netanyahu said".............So genocide it is. He and his Zionist nazi's want every Palestinians dead so Israels can claim the whole I do not expect this comment to be published.

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