A Nobel Peace prize for Trump and Kim Jong Un?

By Pierre-Henry Deshayes

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Abunai! Too many libs’ brains will melt if Trump gets a Nobel.

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Seems weird to give them a medal for calming down the situation they escalated.

If I run into a store, freak out at everyone, then calm down, do I deserve congratulations for calming down?

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Well, they gave Obama one for nothing special and then one to the EU for just doing their job so why not Trump and Un. It's not like the peace prize has any special panache left. Give one to Putin for not invading Poland? Heck, peace prizes for everybody!

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It was given prematurely to Obama, and he wouldn't have deserved it in the end. Ok.

Now, Trump may succeed at something with North Korea. Or not. We'll have to see.

We'll also have to see if he brings back torture, keeps authorizing more drone strikes, starts a war with Iran, etc...

After all he already did against Muslims (travel ban), immigrants (separating families), Native Americans (authorized the North Dakota pipeline), LGBT people (rescinding workplace and student protection), women (reintroduced the Global Gag Rule), nature (cancelled rules protecting the environment), etc...

Then, if we take Obama's case as a basis, in all logic Trump wouldn't deserve it either. QED.

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Putin helped shoot down MH17, created unrest in Ukraine by paying thugs there, impacted US and other elections and is laying undersea cables to disputed Japanese islands.

When Koreans are united again, that is worthy.

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apparently Moon Jae-in and the South Korean delegations attempts at bilateral negotiations with the DPRK have been hijacked by tRump so that he could put on a spectacle, give away concessions, spout empty rhetoric to his base and behave (in general) like a jackass at the taxpayers' expense.

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gelendestrasseToday 08:06 am JSTWell, they gave Obama one for nothing special and then one to the EU for just doing their job so why not Trump and Un.

too many legitimate contenders in the running this time. that and kim is a murderous, power-mad dictator. meanwhile, tRump is a corrupt kleptocrat, would be authoritarian who hates globalization (and by extension anything global ... for example ... world peace).

no chance the Nobel committee would ever live down the shame of awarding a peace prize to these two jokers. in fairness, if anyone in this scenario gets the award, it should be Moon Jae-in. he's the only one who isn't a colossal a-hole with bload-soaked fists filled with money.

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Considering the mess in the Middle East, Trump should definitely not get the prize. Having said that, Trump and Kim deserve it much more than Obama did.

I still think Putin should get the prize.

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Why not? It lost its meaning when Obama won, and them went on to massively increase the use of predator drones in extrajudicial killings of US citizens and innocent civilians in Pakistand, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Or maybe just give it to Kim, that might give fat donnie a stroke or a coronary. When Kim shows up in Stockholm, he can be arrested for crimes against humanity and bundled off to the Hague to stand trial.

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Oh do behave!

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What? Not this year.

Maybe eventually for Trump/Kim/Moon.

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I find it amusing how people keep banging on about how Obama winning it caused it to lose meaning. It never has had much meaning to begin with. The 1994 winners Arafat/Peres/Rabin showed it was a joke and they wouldn't even give it to Gandhi in 1948 because he was assassinated and only living people apparently deserved the reward.

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Kim, yes -- Trump, no.

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In Physics it can take decades to win the Nobel, simply because it tkes that long to be sure that the science is correct. For example, for the Higgs boson that was predicted in the 1960s but only proven in 2012.

I think we should wait a similar time to see whether North Korean peace / denuclearisation holds out.

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