A promise kept or betrayal? Hong Kong 25 years on from handover

By Su Xinqi

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Betrayal. HK is gone already, absorbed in China itself. Its 'government' is a sham, run by CCP Muppets. Sad but true.

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"This is a moment when all Chinese people should feel proud," Martin Lee, founder of Hong Kong's Democratic Party, said in a speech at the time. "We hope Hong Kong and China can progress together."

The HK folks I knew back in '97 were staunch on being returned to China. HK can't have its cake and eat it. China brought the timing forward because so much currency was leaking out of China through black market finance companies in HK.

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Honestly? I am surprised it took this long for Beijing to destroy HK.

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> 1glennToday  07:18 pm JST

Honestly? I am surprised it took this long for Beijing to destroy HK.

And look at those stats on the second picture in the gallery. 'One country, two systems'. Yeah, uh-huh. A total sham courtesy of the CCP.

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