Abe's Yasukuni visit complicates relationship with U.S.


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Have you known couples who seemed to be the perfect match and happily married, then out of a sudden hey break-up or divorce? Yes, these are dysfunctional or masquerade couples. And all it takes is a little misunderstanding or one of the partners does dot get what she or he wants, and that is the end of it. And this could happen to the US-Japan relationship any time. It happened in Thailand, and in Philippines.

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You are allied with a country when you are on its same level, not when you are occupied by it. The USA wrote Japanese politics and history after WWII. They can build up a "Japanese threat" whenever they want. This is the power of a superpower.

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For US, Yasukuni is not important, it is nothing for them. So, it is not fair for them to say anything about it.

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The U.S. is threatened by the Chinese economy ( or rather the U.S. central banking cartel is threatened by the Chinese central banking cartel), so they are conning Japan into causing trouble with China.

Japan, of course, being the gullible adolescent that they are, merrily go along with it, and think they are somehow being "unique."

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The problem is not the US and Japan. The problem is Abe and his ultra-rightist cohorts. Abe is a loose canon. He is creating trouble between China and South Korea where no problem need exist. The US warned Abe not to visit Yaskuni. He should have known better anyway. His visit provoked outrage from Japan's former victim nations. No surprise. In this highly publicized visit as the prime minister of Japan he made a seeming antiwar statement was taken as disingenuous by China and South Korea, and probably by anyone possessing at least half a brain. Had he made that statement in Tokyo Disneyland he might have been take seriously.

Welcome to a crisis that need not have happened. The US's urging Abe not to visit Yasukuni was based on realpolitik. So was its mild criticism of Abe after he did so.

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@tina watanabe

For US, Yasukuni is not important, it is nothing for them. So, it is not fair for them to say anything about it.

Is it fair for the US to support Japan should a war break out? How come its not fair you cant have it all your way! The US doesn't care about the religious over tones of the Yasukuni but they should have some say in the results of an all out war if one breaks out concerning the Yasukuni after all american citizens would be forced to fight and support the war so please hold your selfish comments

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Before Abe visited Yasukuni, the relationship between Korea or China had been terrible. And that was because of the leaders in Korea and Japan. Just Japanese leader did same thing this time, so actually Japan doesn't need to care about it. The US never cares about abduction victims by North Korea. That's why Japan has to get back more nationalism and deal with it by themselves.

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"Abe was the first sitting prime minister to visit the Yasukuni shrine since Junichiro Koizumi, who defiantly went each year during his 2001-2006 tenure. The United States did not criticize Koizumi, who enjoyed a close relationship with Bush."

What's up with that?

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The aggressive nationalism and need for secrecy by Abe are disturbing to those with a knowledge of history.

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So which is it Abe? We have heard your lackys saying this was a "private matter" and then at the same tone others saying you were "sending a message to China and Korea that there will be no more war". If the former - why all the TV crews, formal dress and official announcements. If the latter - are you really that dumb that you think going somewhere you KNOW is going to cause controversy and inflame your neighbors is going to send the right message?

It is clear you did this for one reason and one reason only - to see how far you could push things. Well, now you know.

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I wouldn't mind hearing bs that Japan has gone "rogue", it would be fun for me to see my friends who're "individuals with rights" (not citizens) who hate politics and know next to nothing about history try to defend that narrative.

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His country, his choice.

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It seems that prime minister Abe would visit Yasukuni every year from this year whatever China / SKorea say. It is very traditionally natural for a long time that poiliticians and any persons should go to Yasukuni and pray there at any time during year. Each country has something complicated things whether others like or not. Abe seems to not change his way.

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The US doesn't want to see tensions rise, or see an unnecessary war occur, especially since the US will have to be involved in it. Anything that either China or Japan does that raises tensions will be criticized.

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Which is worse. Go to a shrine or kill people in other countries ?

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Being a democrat and looking at the Obama administration, it is pathetic some of the words and statements coming out of Washington under Obama. To criticize Japan for this shrine visit and make a statement about causing more tensions to rise in the region is just unacceptable... With everything China has done to everyone of our friends and allies in the region and the very soft words saying we do not approve of some of these actions and all these actions by China has been nothing but totally provocative such as for Chinese ships patrolling waters right up against Philippine shore lines, and it being Japan openly facilitating Philippines and openly stating to everyone that CHina needs to be put into check while Washington sort of squirms around and does nothing or says nothing. Washington/Obama needs to find another reset button that Obama used as some dumb campaign slogan, because his reset button he pushed has told China , we will not do anything , no matter what you do, china, and China is taking advantage of such a weak position of the Obama administration.. No one wants war for sure, but if there are no limits set, China is pushing for war with its expansion and aggression being use to expand!

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Abe-kun you know how the parting start. Slowly, just like a rebuke. One should NEVER completely rely on a friend to defend your small island home, especially one without natural resources. The time has come for you to copy Israel and produce nuclear weapons to include ICBM. I tell you, if you had nukes, China and North Korea will not be making noises about history lessons. End of discussion. Try it. Be the Man.

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